To chip or not to chip?????

Every day we have people coming in and asking us if microchipping is a good idea, well today we have the an example of why it is a good idea.

Catherine Kelly from Knockmore in Tallaght arrived into the practice with a little collie cross dog which had arrived on her door step a week ago. She kindly took  the dog in and had been calling her “Lucy”. Catherine had put up poster in her local area but no one had come forward. She decided to bring Lucy into The Animal Hospital to see if she was chipped. Thankfully she was. We were able to ring the DSPCA and get her owners details.

Thanks to microchipping we found out “Lucy” is actualy “Sam” and is being reuinted with his owmer Sinead and her son who have been missing him very much!

So to answer the question at the start… DEFINATELY MICROCHIP!

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