My time in The Animal Hospital!

My time at the animal hospital started back in November 2009, when after only 6 weeks of college, I was thrown in to the real and scary world of veterinary nursing. My mentor for the 1st month was the lovely Julie, she helped me trough the scary times of placing buster collars on little rabbits, and dealing with the not so nice parts of vet nursing.
I was than allowed to see some of the surgeries that take place in the practice. These are carried out by 1 of the three very friendly vets, Paul, Mary and Micheal. My first surgery was a bit daunting but Paul helped me through by explaining everything that was going on. They got a lot easier to watch after that.
When I came back for the second part of my practical training in January Christine, the Head Nurse was back from holidays. She became my new mentor. All the nurses and vets in the animal hospital are so nice and caring. They helped me through the tough tasks without any complaints
I would like to say  thank you so much to Julie, Amy, Lisa, Christine, Tracy, Nicola, Mary, Paul and Micheal for all the things i have learned and all the experience and help given.
I have a lovely reminder of my time in the practice as i adopted a lovely cat named, Yogi, who is doing great at home. I will never forget my months at the Animal Hospital.
 Thanks guys..
 Amy(trainee nurse)

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