Cleo the Pomeranian and her story

Cleo is a beautiful 10-year-old Pomeranian. She arrived at the practise for an examination of  a large mass on her abdomen. Her owners were worried that due to her age there would be nothing that could be done for her. She was admitted straight away to have x-rays taken of the mass to determine what it consisted of. This confirmed the vets suspicions, Cleo had a very large inguinal hernia.

Cleo’s x-ray showing large hernia

The vet recommened surgery for Cleo to repair the hernia. After discussing the risks of such a surgery with a dog of  her age and the benefits to Cleo after completion, the owners were happy to go ahead. 


Cleo being prepared for her surgery.

The surgery confirmed a long-standing hernia. This was successfully repaired after a lenghty surgery. Cleo was given strong pain killers after her surgery to make her more comfortable. These made her quite sleepy. She stayed with us at the hospital so that we could watch her closely while she recovered.

Cleo after her surgery

Cleo was sent home to her delighted owners the following day. She returned for her stitches to come out 2 weeks later and she was making a great recovery.

Cleo with Lisa being collected by her owner

It it important that any unusual lumps, bumps or growths are checked by a vet to ensure that any serious problems, like in this case, are treated and fixed.

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