Bruno the Dog

Meet Bruno. He is an 11 month old crossbreed dog and he was at the clinic today to have a small operation. He was going to be neutered.


Bruno arrived here at 8am, having been fasted for 12 hours prior to his surgery. After being given a to make him relaxed and calm, he was brought to the theatre at about 9am. Here, he was clipped up, and cleaned in a sterile way, while being carefully monitored by one of our nurses under the anaesthetic.

Castration in the male dog is one of the most common operations we perform here at The Animal Hospital. There are many reasons why it is advised by vets to have this procedure done such as,

  • Aggression
  • Wandering
  • Unwanted Pregnancies
  • Territorial marking

Bruno during his operation

Bruno recovered well from his operation and went home to his happy owners in the late afternoon. We will see Bruno back in 2 weeks for his stitches to be removed. In the meantime, he will have to wear his collar and be restricted in his exercise. The owner will also have to watch his diet closely, as after neutering they can be prone to weight gain.

Recovering after his surgery

If you are interested in having your dog neutered at the practice, or would like to hear more about the procedure, please contact the clinic. We offer free pre-neuter checks with our nurses. Here we can tell you all about the procedure and examine your pet to ensure he or she is suitable to go ahead with neutering.

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