Miss Mini Cooper Fagan Vanhorn the 1st

This is the ‘tail’ of Miss Mini Cooper Fagan Vanhorn the 1st( or coopsy for short).  She is a two year old mini Dachshund with a great big heart full of love & hugs.  In March 2009 we decided we would go to a breeder and get ourselves our favourite breed of doggy a Dachshund, after many year of wanting one.

Coopsy having a snooze!

We thought we should prepare for the puppy’s arrival and so we made a trip to a local pet store to stock up on beds, toys etc.  When we entered the pet store we could hear a puppy barking, my husband went to check it out while I continued piling the puppy goodies into a huge bursting basket.  My husband suddenly came to me and dragged me over to the cubicle stating ‘your not going to believe this’.  I approached the glass window and my heart pounded as I caught sight of the little noise maker on the other side.

There she was the whole perfect Dachshund bundle of her.  Her little short stubby legs holding her up as she bounced up and down barking at us.  Her soft ‘puss’ looking eyes filled our hearts as she peered out at us.  Then it happened when I thought my heart couldn’t melt any further.  I knelt down next to her by the window and placed my hand on the glass, palm flat.  She came towards me and placed her little fat paw against my hand on the other side and then  she put her head against my hand too.  ‘WE’LL TAKE HER’ I yelled.  Out came the already financially challenged credit card to pay for her to come home with us.  Ordinarily I would never buy a dog in a pet store and I find it unacceptable to sell puppy’s in shops, but I just couldn’t leave her there alone.

Coopsy meets Dusty!

We left with her that day and she curled up in my arms the whole way home in the car.  Coopsy settled in within 5 mins of arriving in the house, re arranging the sofa cushions to make the perfect nap area and that night she slept across us both with her bum on my husbands shoulder and her wet nose tucked under my chin.  She still sleeps between us every night.

Coopsy has grown into a beautiful little dog with big old heart.  She loves to travel with us everywhere and has even swam with our other dear friend Dusty the wild dolphin. (Please see pics)  She loves the beach and turns into a mini Sonia Sullivan the minute her paws feel the sand on them.  She is our baby and my little boo boo.  May she be with us for many more years to come.

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