Dogs will eat the most random objects!

Lately we have been seeing a lot of cases of beloved pets swallowing very random objects. We thought we would share two interesting recent cases. The first patient was a very innocent looking Pug puppy called Jack.

Looking very innocent

This incident began with a worried phone call to The Animal Hospital from an owner. She reported that while giving her new puppy a snuggle, he had nibbled at her ear and swallowed her earring. We advised that she should bring him straight down to the vets.

On examination, Jack was very bright as a puppy should be. As the owner was certain he had swallowed the earring and only a few minutes prior to arrival we proceded to give him an injection to stimulate him to vomit. This worked very quicky and we were soon able to give it back to owner to wear another day (after a clean!)

Its important for any incidents like this to see the vet immediatly to induce vomiting. Some objects may easily pass through the gut but there is always a possibility that they may cause blockages or injuries. Luckily Jack went home shortly after and his owner now knows to keep hold of her jewelery when playing and cuddling!

Jack and the earring

The next case was a lively 1 year old dog, appropriatly called Ruxions. She was seen swollowing a large rubber toy the previous day, although the dog was clinically very bright, we advised that we should xray to make sure that there was no blockages. This was the image we seen.

The xray showing large sweet shaped rubber toy

A clear image of a large sweet shaped rubber toy could be seen in the abdomen. It was certain that this was far to large to pass through the gut with ease. We opted to bring the dog in for surgery as soon as possible. Luckily the surgery was uncomplicated and the object was successfully removed.

Ruxions and the toy after surgery

After a days hospitalisation, Ruxions was fine to go home with her owner with strict instructions on her aftercare and a warning to stay away from eating such toys in the future!

Ruxions going home after surgery

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