The Truth About Animals Sight

Despite what you might think, bulls cant see red. They are colour blind to red, green and blue! Dogs and cats also have partial blindness, they can only see the colour that a colour-blind person can see – yellows, blues and violets, so no red, green or oranges. However, our pets have superior night vision to their owners even though they have poorer colour vision. Cats and dogs have a lot more rod light receptors in the retina allowing greater ability to track movement. This ability and not the colour of the ball, ensure they will be able to fetch the ball and bring it back.

Cats are able to see 8 times better than us in the dark. the tapetum lucidum , a layer of cells at the back of the eye, allows them this superb night vision. and wait for it ………………….

The animal that has the largest range of colour vision so far discovered in any animal ……….. the humble goldfish!!

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