Could your dog be at risk from Lungworm?

Lungworm is a parasite seen in dogs. We have become increasingly aware of it in recent months with more and more cases being seen in the country than ever before. It is common in southern England. Left untreated, this infection can become fatal. The lungworm parasite is carried by snails and slugs and can be spread by foxes. The larvae of the parasite are expelled in the dog’s faeces. This increases the chances of other dogs becoming infected.

The most common symptoms are breathing problems such as coughing, poor blood clotting, general sickness and change in behaviour. Please remember that not all cases seen show any symptoms.

If you are worried that your pet may be at risk, please contact our veterinary surgeons and nurses who will be happy to give you advise. We advise regular treatment with a spot-on as prevention.

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