Honey survives a fall off a cliff – December Pet of The Month


This is the incredible story of how Honey, (above) fell from a cliff and lived to see another day! While on holiday in Co.Kerry during the Halloween bank holiday weekend, Honeys owners decided to go for a nice walk along the Ballybunion cliffs for some fresh air. Enjoying her freedom a little too much Honey decided to slide down the cliffside and fell onto the roof of a coastguard station which was located within the cliff and again fell about 6m from there to below.

When her owners eventually located her, she was unable to stand, in severe shock and some blood was seen from her mouth. They feared the worst for Honey. Immediatly they began to search for an open veterinary clinic. Eventually they found one in Tralee which was about a 25 minute drive from their current location. Carefully they placed Honey in the car and made the journey.

Upon arrival Honey was given strong pain killers to make her more comfortable and admitted to the hospital for some xrays. She had broken both her front wrists. Both limbs were placed in plaster of Paris. When Honey came back to Dublin we seen her for her aftercare She was coping really well but was under strict rest and was getting pain relief.

We repeated the xrays after a few weeks and the plaster was removed and replaced by support bandages (see below)as the fracture on one side was doing great and the other side was improving but not quite healed yet.

Honey is a great patient and has been awarded December Pet of the Month by the staff at The Animal Hospital. We will be seeing her again at the end of next week, when if all is well we will remove her bandages and she can begin to build up her exercise levels again.

Honey going home with her owner after her last bandage change

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