Blood Donors Needed!

Could your dog help save a life?
If you would like to nominate your pet to be on our donor list please enquire at the clinic. They will be placed on a donor list and might be called upon from time to time if an animal is in great need of a blood transfusion. It would require a light sedation for your pet and a short stay at The Animal Hospital.

Blood donors must be ;

  • In good health
  • Under 7 years of age
  • Over 25kg in weight
  • Up to date with vaccinations
  • No history of serious disease
  • No history of receiving blood
  • Not currently on any medication
  • Must not have traveled outside of Ireland and the UK.

If your pet ticks all the right boxes, it would be a great help to be able to call upon them in a time of need.

Please note that nervous dogs are not ideal candidates.


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