Tilly gets a shock!!


Tilly is a 4 month old Jack Russel puppy. On Saturday, Tilly gave her owners an awful fright. She arrived home from work to find that she had chewed through a wire at the fridge and gave her self terrible mouth burns as well as electrocution. She was in severe shock and this could have been fatal for Tilly. She was quickly brought to the vets and nurse of The Animal Hospital. She was placed on fluid therapy and oxygen quickly. Her temperature was so low that we had to get her warmed up as soon as possible. After a stay in the emergency hospital, Tilly was sent home and was doing much better. She will be on medications for her burns but otherwise she had a lucky escape from an almost always fatal action.
Its very important to secure all wires away from a puppies reach as puppies will chew on anything they can get their teeth into. Hopefully, she has learnt her lesson and will stay well clear in the future!!

Tilly and her owner heading home


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