Rocky – August Pet of the Month. A special tribute for a special boy!

This month the Animal Hospital would like to pay a tribute to a very special patient – Rocky Collie.

Rocky was owned by the Collie family, whose daughter Pamela works here at The Animal Hospital.

Rocky was diagnosed at an early age with cardiomyopathy and so became a regular and welcome visitor. He had to have regular scans of his heart and was on daily medications. He had a great personality and was always in great form, a model patient!

He was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer (mast cell tumour) in April this year and underwent surgery, followed by chemotherapy. Unfortunately, despite every effort, this brave soldier lost his battle. To the end he was a happy gentle soul, who always greeted us with a wagging tail and a kiss. He past away last month at the tender age of 4 and 1/2 years old.

He was a very special boy who will be sadly missed by his family and all the staff here at The Animal Hospital.

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