Kittens looking for a new home

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor – This little fellow champion is about 4 and 1/2 months old and has been at The Animal Hospital for a while now. At first she was a very timid kitten but slowly she has grown to be very affectionate. She needs a new owner that is willing to love her even though she has a few small problems. Katie has an old leg and hip injury that although it makes her walk differently it does not affect her playing in anyway. Infact, she’s the fastest kitten i’ve ever seen! It causes her no discomfort. She may have to have surgery on it if it begins to be an issue in the future but chances are Katie will cope really well and never have to have an operation. She also has a hernia which will be easily fixed during her spaying when she is 6 months old. She has received all her vaccinations and is up to date with flea and worming treatment. All the nurses would love to see her in a new home, as she is very bored being confined to a small kennel. She has grown so much in the time we have had her here. She is ready for a home of her own. If you think you would have a place in your heart for this lovely little girl please call us and arrange to come and meet her!

This lovely pair of kittens were hand rared by one of the nurses at The Animal Hospital. They are now 6 weeks old and we will be letting them go to new homes in about 2 weeks time. The gray/white kitten is a male and the tortoise shell kitten is a female. They are still too small to have any vaccinations but have been wormed and given a vet check over. If you would like to re-home one of these babies you can call into the clinic and see them.

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