Fluffy- November Pet of the Month

Fluffy O’Toole was awarded November Pet of the Month because of her interesting case and also for her patience throughout her stay with us her at The Animal Hospital.

Fluffy’s owners brought her to us because she was not eating and they were very worried. The vet noticed that Fluffy was very small for her age and very underweight.

We took x-rays to see if Fluffy had eaten anything she shouldn’t have. This is what we found.

Fluffy had swallowed a small metal object that was stuck in her abdomen. She had to have emergency surgery to have this removed from her intestines. When we removed it we could see it was a small metal ring similar to the ring on pigeons feet.

Fluffy was so good throughout her stay with us, she was very sick but never once complained. She thoroughly deserves Pet of the Month.

She has made a great recovery since her operation and is like a different cat.


‘I would like to say a big Thank You to Paul Doherty & Staff who done a magnificent job on saving the life of our lovely cat Fluffy,
thank you,from Eddie & David O Toole’


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