Animal Hospitals Slimmers of the Year

Ruby Boyle

Ruby Boyle is a 5 year old Labrador retriever. Ruby is a prime example of how hard work and persistence can really pay off when trying to get your pet to lose some weight. October last year, Ruby weighed 49.6kg and now weighs 39.6kg (November 2012). She has lost a total of 10kg which is nearly 1 and a half stone! This was achieved through correct diet, exercise and discipline from her owners. This is a great achievement and will benefit her health and quality of life immensely!

Wolfie Martin

Wolfie Martin is a 10 year old Japanese Spitz. At his heaviest Wolfie weighed 18.8 kg, nearly double what his ideal weight should be. But through his owners persistence and dedication to a weight management programme,Wolfie has lost an incredible 7kg! That is just over 1 stone lighter!











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