Ollie – April Pet of the Month



After being attacked by another dog, Ollie suffered multiple wounds around his head and neck and front legs. His wounds were so deep and painful and Ollie was in severe shock, we feared he would not survive the trauma. His 1st surgeries were done in the Dublin Animal Emergency Clinic. He was so sore that he was reluctant to move, although he never complained.

We watched as his wounds became infected and skin broke away, We put a lot of work into healing him, and we could see small improvements everyday. He must have been in a lot of pain but he would always greet us with a wagging tail and a cheerful face and slowly his wounds have began to heal.

He was a patient here at The Animal Hospital for nearly 3 weeks and during that time, we have all grown to love him. Yesterday, Ollie got to go home to his loving owner , Naomi, who had missed him very much. Seen here with his companion, Buttons.

Ollie still has a long recovery road ahead of him with his injuries but we are sure he will get there!

He has been awarded April Pet of the Month by all the staff here at The Animal Hospital.

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