Patch – May Pet of the Month

Patch and Simon

Patch and Simon

This months pet of the month has been awarded to Patch. He is a 12 year old crossbreed dog that has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. He has to be injected with insulin by his owner twice a day. It has taken a while for his medications to be sufficient to treat his condition so Patch has had to deal with many visits to the vets and many blood samples being taken. He has always been very patient and willing to allow us to examine him regularly.


On top of that, Patch has also been diagnosed with Cushings disease( a hormonal disease caused by the overproduction of cortisol, an adrenal hormone). This could have affected his diabetic treatment and he will also be starting on medication to treat this condition.


He has been awarded May pet of the month by the staff here at The Animal Hospital.

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