Sam – June Pet Of The Month




Sam is an 8 year old Cocker Spaniel. He visited the Animal Hospital as his owners felt that something wasn’t quite right with him. He had been off form with diarrhoea. We decided to quickly admit Sam and do an xray to see exactly what was happening. It was clear from this that Sam had a large tumour in his abdomen, though it wasn’t clear were it was.

His loving owners wanted the best for Sam so decided that surgery was essential. It was not guarnteed that he would even survive such a procedure having been so unwell and without knowing the origin of the tumour. It turned out to be a splenic tumour. It was one of the biggest we have ever seen! No wonder poor Sam hadn’t been feeling the best.

Sam had to have his whole spleen removed but dogs will often do quite well without this organ. After a short stay here with us, he was ready to go home to his owners. It has been more than 2 weeks since Sams big surgery and we are proud to say that he is doing great and his owners are delighted. They said he was almost back to being like a puppy again! 

He has been nominated for June Pet of The Month by all the staff here at The Animal Hospital.

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