Jack – August Pet of the Month 2013



This is Jack. He is a 6 year old black Labrador Retriever. He came to the Animal Hospital very off form, lethargic and not eating. This was very unusual for Jack, as he was normally a very active dog that loved his food!

Initial tests could not tell us what was happening with Jack. We had to place him on a drip as he started to be sick , lose weight and become very dehydrated. Eventually as Jack was getting no better with medication, it was decided it was best to get an xray and see if there was any tumours or obstructions present.

On this xray, we could see a suspicious area, but again it was unclear exactly what this could be. It was decided to bring Jack in for a general aneasthetic and have a look. We were amazed to find a very large bouncing rubber ball stuck in the duodenum (which is a short portion of the small intestine connecting it to the stomach). No wonder he wasnt feeling very well!!

Jack remained in a critical condition at The Animal Hospital for several days after the surgery. With great care and attention from all the nurses, he eventually went home and was slowly reintroduced back to his normal diet (without the ball!!).

We are proud to say he is doing great and we hope to never see him again for any simular problems. We hope he has learnt his lesson! He is our August Pet of the Month.

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