ACE – September Pet of the Month



This month we have a very special Pet of the month. Meet lovable Ace. He is a working dog and he has been taking care of his owner Robert for many years as part of The Irish Guide Dogs. Though he is with Robert as he has a job to do they have also become great pals over the years.

When Ace became unwell last week, it was Roberts turn to take care of him. He had a rare problem called a GDV (gastric dilation volvulus).  This is a very serious and potentially fatal occurrence in large dogs, were the stomach flips over on itself and causes a trapping of gases. Surgery is needed to fix the problem. Many dogs do not survive this if  prompt action is not taken.Lucky for Ace, his owner brought him immediately to the emergency hospital were an X-ray was taken to confirm there suspicions.

Ace had to be carefully observed for several days after his surgery.It has  now been 9 days since his surgery and he is doing well. He is a model patient, never complaining and always friendly. His owners should be proud of him!

He will soon be able to get back to work as a guide dog!

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