Jared – October Pet of the Month



This is Jared our October pet of the month. He is a 2 year old domestic short hair cat. August bank holiday weekend his owner was very worried as Jared did not come home during the day which was unusual for him. When he finally returned, she was shocked to find that his jaw was sideways with all the skin hanging off his lower jaw. His left eye was bulged out and damaged.He seemed to have no marks on his body and his mobility was fine. Assuming he was in a road traffic accident, she rushed him straight to the emergency clinic.

Jared had broken his jaw and badly damaged his left eye. Some wiring had to be placed in his jaw and his skin stitched back in place. He was also sent to see an eye specialist. He slowly became able to eat again unaided after he had many procedures to correct his jaw area. He also had a lot of work done at the eye specialist to try and save his eye. Eventually this had to be removed, but with one good eye he will cope well!

The above picture was taken just last week. He is doing really well and is now back to going out and about on his adventures. His owner hopes she will never find him like that again. He now had a very shiny reflective collar to help cars see him in the night.

Jared is glad his vet trips are over with, we are just glad this accident had a happy ending!

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