Jan Pet of the Month – Smurf

Smurf is a nearly 2 year old male cat. He went missing for 3 days and when he arrived home he had a pipe stuck on his head and was very distressed. The owner managed to free the cat from the pipe but there was obvious injuries to his head and eyes. He was immediately brought to The Animal Hospital for treatment and care.

On first examination, Smurf was very dehydrated and shocked from his experience. We could see very painful scrapes along his face and his ears from Smurf trying to get the pipe off his head. Also his left eye was badly scratched and damaged. He was immediatley placed on intravenus fluid therapy, given pain relief and an antibiotic injection.




As soon as we were happy he was comfortable and stable, a light sedation was given so his wounds could be further assessed and cleaned up. Smurf had to be hopitalized for a few days for wound checks and observations. The 2nd day he was here he was eating well and much brighter than his day of arrival. Though he was still a little anxious when anyone went near his head area. He was alwys polite and a very obliging patient.

Smurf is now safe back with his owners. He was in for a check up today and seems to be healing well. The face and ears are improving everyday but the eye wound will take sometime. He is on daily medication for this.

Smurf has been awarded January Pet of the month by all the staff here at The Animal Hospital.


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