Snowy – April Pet of the Month



Snowy  is a 5 year old domestic short haired cat. He arrived home to his owners in an awful state. We can only assume that poor snowy was involved in a road traffic accident. He had obvious injuries to one of his hind legs and a large amount of bruising to his abdomen. He was also urinating blood which is was very worrying. We feared that Snowy had also done some serious damage to his internal organs.


He was placed on some fluids to try and manage his shock, and given strong pain relief and antibiotics.His leg was stabilised with a support bandage.  He could not be xrayed straight away until he was strong enough to undergo a light sedation. The following day, radigraphs of Snowy reveled that he had a very badly fractured leg as well as a fractured tail at the base. Due to the severity of the problem it was decided that they would both need to be amputated if he had any chance of survival. Although nothing was detected on ultrasound we still could be sure that Snowy hadn’t damaged his bladder, as full control had not yet returned and he was still urinating blood.


Snowy had to wait 1 week for his surgery, when we were happy that the bladder was no longer an issue. Although the surgery was very successful, it was a slow recovery process for him.  He was very depressed after his surgery and it took a lot of encouragement for him to regain his appetite. He was hospitalised for 2 weeks while he regained his strength and power in his remaining legs.

Everyone loved snowy and by the time he went home he was in the hearts of all the vets and nurses at The Animal Hospital. He has been home a few weeks now and although he is still being limited on the amount of exercise and play he can do he is coping well with his disability.


Snowy is our April pet of the month.

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