May Pet of the Month – JD

JD before his surgery

JD before his surgery

Meet the lovely JD. He is nearly 12 years old. He has always had a malformed foot on one of his hind limbs but has managed to adapt to lead a very normal, comfortable life. This year one of his front legs began to swell and become very large ( as you can see in the above picture) . His owners became concerned that this could be something very serious for JD. He was brought to The Animal Hospital for an examination by the vet. He was worried that this could be a bone tumour that JD had developed. This can be often fatal and a very painful condition.

JD was immediately admitted to the hospital to perform xrays on the leg to see exactly what was going on. This involved a light sedation for JD which his body coped fine with, as this can always be serious in an older cat. The xray showed that were the swelling was located, the bone was indeed breaking away due to the presence of a bone tumour. This was not good news for JD. His owners had the difficult decision of deciding if they should leave the tumour to take its course or to have JD’s leg removed.  This was not straight forward as he already had his malformed back leg.

After a long discussion with the vet, it was decided that JD would have his leg amputated and give him a chance at a new life. The surgery was very successful and JD spent a few days in recovery at the hospital and was then returned to his family who were missing him terribly. It has now been nearly 2 weeks since his operation and he is still a very happy cat. JD never lets things phase him and had adapted well to life with 3 legs.

JD has been in to have his sutures removed and is doing great!

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He has been voted by all the staff here as May pet of the month!

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