Faith – June pet of the Month 2014



Faith is an 8 year old Shih Tzu. She presented at Tallaght Animal Hospital in May feeling very under the weather. She had no energy and could barely stand. Her mucous membrane colour was a shocking pale white colour and the vet was very concerned for her. At first it was thought that she may have ingested ant killer. Blood results showed however, that her liver and kidneys were functioning normally but her red blood call levels were alarmingly low. They were almost at a level were a blood transfusion would be necessary.

We began to suspect an autoimmune disease, were the body begins to attack its own blood cells. This can be a fatal condition if left untreated. Faith was hospitalised for a few days and we administered high doses of steroids. Everyday her form improved and her energy levels increased. Faith is a little fighter! She was allowed to return home to her owners who missed her very much. We had to see Faith in every week to check on her blood levels and they were improving all the time. Her owners reported that she was a very happy energetic little dog and they were delighted with her progress.

Faith will have to stay on medication for he rest of her life but her condition remains very stable. We are thrilled that she has done so well considering how weak and lethargic she was in the beginning. She is like a different dog! She has been awarded June pet of the month by all the staff here at The Animal Hospital.

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