July Pet of the Month – Bobby



This is Bobby. He is a 5 year old Bichon Frise. He has an extreme skin condition that is very prone to dogs of this breed. Bobby has suffered with this condition for many years now. He has had multiple types of medications, and a special shampoo to try control his condition as well as having to stay on a hypoallergenic food. Sometimes he becomes so irritated that he chews his feet so bad that they become sore and bleed. Poor Bobby spends most of his time wearing a buster collar to prevent this. He has to have many visits to the Animal Hospital for check ups. He is always extremely happy and never complains. He is even so used to wearing his collar on his head that people don’t recognise him without it!!

We love Bobby here and know that everyone at home will do too! A lot of people can relate to his condition from their own pets experience, as it is very common, particularly in white dogs.

We award Bobby July pet of the month!

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