Buster – August Pet of the Month




This is Buster. He is a 5 year old Chihuahua. He was attacked one Saturday afternoon in the park by 3 Greyhounds at the end of July. He was immediately brought to The Animal Hospital for treatment. The vets feared the worst for him. He had extensive wounds around his neck and body, as well as a back leg that was sure to be broken. He was in a lot of shock and a lot pain. He was quickly stabilised and given strong pain relief and antibiotics. Once Buster was stable enough, he was given a sedation so we could assess the wounds and take radiographs of the injured leg. The wounds were extremely deep and drains had to be inserted to allow it to discharge. The back leg was was severely fractured and would either require a very expensive specialist surgery or amputation.

Busters wounds required a lot of nursing care and he was a patient at the Animal Hospital for over 3 weeks! During this time he received many wound washes, poultice applications and bandages and although he was very sore he was very patient with us and everyone loved him. He was a very special little boy and he was very lucky to be alive.

Unfortunately his leg had to be amputated but Buster adapted very quickly to his disability and once recovered from surgery, he seemed relieved to have the painful leg gone.

All the staff were delighted when his wounds began to make progress and healing began to occur. Buster was on many medications while in our care but mostly a combination of different antibiotics to prevent infections and wound breakdown, as well as pain relief.

After a long hospital stay, he was returned to his loving owners who missed him very much. He has been in to see us a few time since and is doing really well. He will have the last of his stitches removed in a few days and he can then get on with the rest of his days which we hope are plenty!

He has been awarded August pet of the month!


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