Goose our October Pet of the Month



Meet Goose: Our October Pet of the Month.

Goose presented to us on the evening of 20th August. Unfortunately he ran out in front of a car and was in a bad way. His owners came down to us immediately. Goose suffered severe injuries. He had a massive gash in his groin area and also fractured his tibia. He was stitched up and we applied a supportive bandage to the broken leg. The wound in the groin area started to break down and was quite infected. We then had to apply a poultice to the area twice daily. This is a wet type of bandage which pulls the infection out of the wound. Goose spent a whole month with us recovering. He didn’t need surgery on his leg as it healed nicely with the supportive bandage. Goose is now settling back in at home and enjoying life as a puppy. We chose Goose to be our pet of the month as he did not complain or get fed up at all while he was staying with us. We all grew very attached to him.

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