February Pet of the Month- Sandy




Sandy is a 6 year old crossbreed terrier. She was unfortunately involved in a road traffic accident. She was in a lot of shock when she arrived at The Animal Hospital. Our 1st priority was to make Sandy stable and provide strong pain relief, as it was obvious that she had some fractures. She was placed on a drip and kept very warm, as hypothermia in shocked patients can be fatal. From 1st xray views,  we could see that her right foreleg was severely damaged and beyond repair. We also suspected a pelvic fracture, though this could not  be confirmed with out sedation for more xrays and we feared that she wasn’t strong enough for this just yet.

Sandy’s owners had the heartbreaking decision of opting to remove Sandys damaged limb or putting her to sleep. After a few days of hospitalisation, we were finally able to xray her pelvis which conformed also a fracture here. This complicated her recovery, as without the use of both front legs and a damaged pelvis , recovery would be very slow. Her owners decided to give Sandy a chance and her right fore leg was removed.She stayed with us for a few days to make sure she was comfortable and was getting the strongest pain relief.

Sandy has just been in to see us for her stitches to be removed and is doing well, She is still wobbley when she moves but her pelvis is healing nicely. She will have to be strictly rested for another few weeks while that repairs. She is coping well with the loss of the leg and we feel she will make a full recovery!

Sandy has been awarded February Pet of the Month by all the staff. Well done Sandy!

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