George – June Pet of the Month



For this months pet of the month, all the staff at the Animal Hospital would like to pay a tribute to George , our long time patient and boarder. George was a lovable rogue, 12 years old and full of life every time he paid us a visit. Unfortunately, George had to be put to sleep this month after a long battle with several health issues. We all fought hard to help him through it, like he done many times before, but this time it was not  to be and his quality of life was very poor. He will be sadly missed, not only by his loving owners but all the nurses, who doted on him.

George suffered from a number of problems throughout his life, including hypothyroidism, a heart murmur and failing kidneys. He was on a cocktail of medications, which we had to take everyday. He loved to be rubbed and given attention, but even more than that he enjoyed his food best of all. In fact the time we knew if wasn’t himself was when he lost his appetite. He was also very talented at sleeping, especially when he found a spot of sunlight!

In his final year of life George had ongoing problems with his lower jaw, were it would become swollen. His face would become long and stern and we would often call him Abe Lincoln. This suited him well as he often sat up dead straight and noble like the former American president. During this time, he would be allowed into our staff kitchen during lunch hour, were he would make himself  comfortable with all the girls. He  certainly knew how to make himself at home!

We hope you are happy George in your new forever home in the sky, all the food you could ever want, no medications to be had and most importantly avoiding that hair brush you politely tolerated but hated! We are delighted to call you our June Pet of The Month!



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