Winston – January Pet of the Month



Meet the very handsome Winston! He is a 6 year old crossbreed dog.  He was out for a walk with his owner late November last year and was unfortunately attacked by a German Shepherd dog in the park. He had severe bite wounds on both sides of his neck, his chest, abdomen and groin. They were quite extensive for such a small dog. His terrified owner brought him immediately to the after hours service of the pet emergency hospital for care. After examination, they decided they needed to hospitalise Winston for stabilisation, treatment of shock, to clip and clean his wounds and suture where necessary. They also needed to take xrays, as they were very concerned about the bite wound on his chest.


Chest xrays showed air in his chest but no obvious rib fractures. During his surgery, they found that his right chest had a large extensive wound in his chest wall between two ribs, the size and length of a finger! They were surprised that Winston had been so stable up to this point. Concerned for his safety, once this was repaired they left his other wounds to fix another day as they were not life threatening and they did not want to prolong his general anesthetic. They had to leave a chest drain in place to remove any excess air or fluid that may be trapped in the thoracic cavity. The remaining wounds were cleaned and flushed. After his surgery, he was kept on oxygen, fluid therapy and pain relief as well as constant monitoring. Due to the vulnerable nature of his injuries, Winston was directly transferred to the UCD hospital the following morning. As you can see from the photos his injuries were drastic and poor Winston was very sore and swollen from the attack.

image1 (2) image2

The remaining wounds were fixed in UCD and he was allowed home to his worried owner after a few days stay in the hospital as they were now happy he was stable and doing well on his own. He was transferred back into the care of the Animal Hospital Tallaght. He was on a cocktail of drugs during that time, including antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, strong pain relief and antacid. He needed regular visits to evaluate his condition and assess his wound healing. There is always a risk in these cases due to extensive tissue trauma, that wounds can break down, infection can set in, or in Winstons case his chest wound was so severe, that he could have further breathing problems. Thankfully, his physical exams continued to show favourable improvement over the following weeks. He has been such a great patient and a very lucky little dog, that he has been rewarded January pet of the month. His owners should be very proud of him, as well as themselves for the dedication and love they showed him during this difficult time.






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