Bonnie – November Pet of the Month

Bonnie - November Pet Of The Month


Food, walks, Sleep, Food Walks, Sleep…..

These are the things that occupied Bonnie’s mind.

She is 10 years old.

She lives the life.

She shares her home with Rocky, who is one year younger.

She has had a few health problems, nothing she couldn’t handle. She had the odd lump or bump removed but hasn’t been tempted to have cosmetic surgery.

At the beginning of October she felt really unwell. She walked much slower and was occasionally vomiting. She clung carefully to her owners.

A blood sample was taken during her visit to the hospital which revealed she had a liver problem. She was Jaundiced.

Now sleep replaced the walks and food in her list of priorities.

She had a scan of her liver and gallbladder .

Her gallbladder was abnormal, her liver was also affected.

Bonnies owners faced a very difficult decision, she was so sick and the surgery needed was very risky.

Her gallbladder was removed along with a portion of her liver.

It took a while for food and walks to become important to her again, but the have.

She wouldn’t be a Labrador otherwise!




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