Megan – March Pet of the Month


Megan is a 14 year old West Highland terrier who is as fit and able as many a dog half her age.

Earlier this year on a routine blood test ( we recommend annual blood tests for all dogs and cats over 10 years old ) Meagan was diagnosed as having liver disease. A few weeks later she was still a bit off form and not her usual self. After further blood tests and an ultrasound scan of her abdomen she was confirmed as having Cushings disease. This is the production of excess hormones by the adrenal glands. Clinical signs are mainly excess drinking and urination and swollen belly.


The good news is that there is an excellent new drug to treat Cushings . AND …… Megan after having been on it for a few weeks came back to her usual self. Monthly blood monitoring confirmed rapid improvement in her blood test results.

She is presently on tablets daily for her liver issues and for Cushings, a special prescribed diet, and is flying……….


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