Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?…. February Pet of the month

February… the month of love… and what better way to celebrate it by picking one of our most loving patients as the pet of the month

♥Introducing Romeo♥


Romeo is a 5 year old rescue dog who has been attending the animal hospital since he was a pup. He has a severe allergy to many foods and so is on a very strict diet. We got to know Romeo very well over the years as Paul got his allergies under control. Throughout all his visits to the vets he always greeted you with a wagging bottom and a tail like a propeller!


In mid January Romeos owner rushed him to the clinic. He was hyper salivating and not his usual energetic self. Romeo had never previously had a history of chewing things up he shouldn’t but since his new sister, Lulu, a 1 year old boistrous pup came along he had been known to be led astray from time to time…


He was admitted to the hospital and an ultrasound scan was preformed which showed a blockage in his intestine. An exploratory laparotomy was preformed to reveal a ping pong ball sized piece of rubber obstructing his intestine.

Romeo has since had his stiches removed and has made a full recovery and despite all he’s been through, he still floods us with love and kisses at each visit.


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