Blondie needs a new home!

BlondieThis lovely cat was found in Springfield about 2 weeks ago wearing a pink collar. She was heavily matted and very uncomfortable and sore, as the matts were pulling on her skin. As a result, Blondie had to be completely … Read More »

Falcon Update!!!!

We have an owner! Recieved a phone call to the practice from a guy today saying he had seen a post on the Irish internet forum about a Falcon found in Tallaght. And 1+2 = reunited owner and falcon. Turns … Read More »

Found Falcon!

Found in a garden in Tallaght by one of our clients. Being looked after by Tracy and Lisa. It’s a falcon, maybe a Kestral, not too sure. Have been in touch with the Hawking Club of Ireland. If anyone knows … Read More »