Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?…. February Pet of the month

February… the month of love… and what better way to celebrate it by picking one of our most loving patients as the pet of the month ♥Introducing Romeo♥ Romeo is a 5 year old rescue dog who has been attending … Read More »

Shelby – April Pet of the Month

AN UNUSUAL CASE – Shelby is a 7 year old Bischon Frise. In late 2016 she was brought to the Animal Hospital very off form and with a high temperature. We routinely see cases like this and usually an antibiotic … Read More »

Layla our Blood Donor

Layla has been giving blood to the Animal Hospital for many years. Today she had a general anesthetic and surgery to remove a growth from her elbow, all went well.

Bonnie – November Pet of the Month

  Food, walks, Sleep, Food Walks, Sleep….. These are the things that occupied Bonnie’s mind. She is 10 years old. She lives the life. She shares her home with Rocky, who is one year younger. She has had a few … Read More »

Millie: The 1 in a Million Jacky with the Trachy

Where do I start! Millie, our Jack Russell Terrier, now 12 years of age, came into our lives in 2005. We bought her for E250 from a guy in Clontarf and I fell in love with her the minute I … Read More »

Dogs will eat the most random objects!

Lately we have been seeing a lot of cases of beloved pets swallowing very random objects. We thought we would share two interesting recent cases. The first patient was a very innocent looking Pug puppy called Jack. This incident began … Read More »

Interesting Case – Millie’s Story

This is Millie and her owner. Millie is a Shih Tzu and is 6 months old. She was brought into the practice when her owner noticed something strange in the corner of her eye. When we took a closer look … Read More »

In the Spotlight – Geller Armstrong!

Geller is a 2-year-old Bichon Frise owned by Phyllis Armstrong and her family. He has been with us since he was 10 weeks old. He came into us on the 11th of February to undergo his neutering operation. He was checked over by Paul … Read More »