Shelby – April Pet of the Month

AN UNUSUAL CASE – Shelby is a 7 year old Bischon Frise. In late 2016 she was brought to the Animal Hospital very off form and with a high temperature. We routinely see cases like this and usually an antibiotic … Read More »

Holly – February Pet of the Month

Holly is a 2 and a half year old cavachon. At around 6 months old Holly started scratching excessively. So much so that she regularly caused her skin to bleed and become infected. A change of food for a few … Read More »

Layla our Blood Donor

Layla has been giving blood to the Animal Hospital for many years. Today she had a general anesthetic and surgery to remove a growth from her elbow, all went well.

Cats/ kittens looking for forever homes at The Animal Hospital

At the Animal Hospital we would like you to consider giving a well needed home to some of our older cats. They make great pets and are just as much fun as any kitten.   Hi, my name is Kevin … Read More »

Fluffy- November Pet of the Month

Fluffy O’Toole was awarded November Pet of the Month because of her interesting case and also for her patience throughout her stay with us her at The Animal Hospital. Fluffy’s owners brought her to us because she was not eating … Read More »